Travel Like a Pro – Must Have Gadgets!

These are the must have gadgets you need in your travel kit. These items can make traveling and packing much easier.  Below are the recommended gadgets that I always bring on trips. I have done a lot of research and personally tested multiple items/brands, and now I wanted to share with you.  Note that there are similar items on Amazon you can buy, but the ones I recommended here are the best value in terms of price, quality, and features.

Note regarding Quick Charge (QC).  Quick charge is a new technology that certain phones have that allow it to charge much faster than normal.  If your phone supports QC, it will help charge your phone even quicker.  If your phone does not support QC, your phone will still charge at full speed that it is capable of.  Basically all items listed below will charge your phone at full speed, no matter what phone you use, and whether or not it has QC capabilities or not.  So you can’t go wrong with any of the item listed below.

Most newer Android phones that came out the past year support QC. They include: Samsung Galaxy Note 4/5, Galaxy S5/S6, LG G4, Droid Turbo, HTC One, Nexus 6, LG G Flex 2, any many other phones.

Prices listed may change over time.  Oh, and if you think “why can’t I just buy those cheap chargers and such on eBay for a few bucks”?  Those items are cheap on eBay because it’s low quality and will not allow you to charge your phone at full speed or properly.  I used them before and they are not good, stick to the products below.

External Battery Pack for Smartphones and Tablets 

This is a battery pack that allows you to charge your phone anywhere, anytime.  You no longer have to look for a plug while at the airport, or run out of power while on the plane. Make sure you get one with “quick charge” if you have a phone that suports it. These models will also charge at full speed all other devices that can charge via USB, such as iPhones, iPads, tablets, Galaxy phones, etc.

The mAh value is how much capacity it has.  The higher the number, the more capacity.  How many times it can charge your phone before running out of power, will depend on how big the battery on your phone is.  With 10000mAh, it will charge a Galaxy Note 5 or iPhone 6 two to three times, and charge iPhone 4 or smaller phones probably 4-5 times.

Aukey Quick Charge 10000mAh Battery with one output ($20) – Good model with quick charge.

Aukey Quick Charge 15000mAh Battery with Two Ports ($35) – This model has more capacity and two USB ports to allow charging of two phones at the same time.  Although the second USB port will charge at a slower rate.

RAVPower 16000mAh External Battery Pack Power Bank with iSmart Technology ($30) – This model has more capacity, can charge two devices at the same time, at a fast speed.

Universal Outlet Converter 

Universal World Wide Travel Plug ($6) –  A must have! You need this one every time you travel internationally.  It is basically an all-in-one plug adapter.  Forget about bringing those “travel plug kit” that takes up so much space. This has all the world plug types in one unit.  You no longer have to worry about “which plug does country A and country B use”.  You just bring this and it’ll work everywhere you go.

Note that this item only converts the plug-type.  It does NOT convert the voltage of 220V to 110V.  However, most devices today such as all cell phone chargers, laptop chargers, and all items mentioned in this post, support 110V – 240V, so they do not require you to use a voltage converter.

Multi Outlet Adapter with USB Charging

TROND® Prime Mini 2-Outlet Power Strip with USB Smart Charger (5-Port, 40W/8A) ($28) – This is a nice all in one charger with extra plugs!  This will charge all iPhones, smartphones, tablet, and anything else that can be charged via USB.  You can leave your phone charger home with this. Once you get to the hotel, you just plug this in and it provide enough charge ports for the whole family.  It even has two extra outlets for you to charge laptops and other devices.  It supports 110-240V so you can use it anywhere in the world.

Aukey 50W / 10A 5 Ports USB Desktop Charging Station Wall Charger ($17) – Instead of bringing multiple phone chargers, just bring this! This is a multi-port charger for all your electronics.  It is similar to the item above, except it is smaller and does not have extra outlets.  It has 5 ports which should be enough for everyone in the family with multiple gadgets. Note that there are cheaper models with multiple ports also, but they are weaker and do not charge at full speed when connecting multiple devices.  This one has 50W so for the most part is powerful enough to charge multiple devices at a high speed.  

Premium Micro USB Cables, RAVPower [5-Pack] in Assorted Lengths ($8) – Extra USB cables for charging.  To get full charging speed when charging, you have to use high quality cables, otherwise if you just use any cheap cable, it will charge slower.  So it’s best to use the original USB cable that came with your phone, or the cables in this package which are high quality.

Car Chargers

Aukey Quick Charge 2.0 PowerAll 18W USB Car Charger Adapter ($12) – Charges your phone while in the car. If your phone supports quick charge, this is good to have as it’ll charge your phone really fast, especially with the limited time you have charging in the car.  Will work with iPhones/iPads also.

Aukey 24W/4.8A 2-Port USB Car Charger ($8) – This one is cheaper to the one above, except it doesn’t have quick charge but has two ports instead.  Recommended if you want to charge multiple phones at the same time, or if you have iPhones/iPads (as those don’t support quick charge).

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