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Hi there.  Hieu and Tam here.

Thank you for visiting our travel blog.  If you don’t know what “yolo” means, it stands for “You only live once”.  We came up with the name as a funny catchphrase since almost every other name is taken in WordPress.

We are two young newlyweds who started our passion for traveling only a few years ago. We like to travel to all types of places, especially places that are beautiful and have historical significance.

We believe that anyone can travel, they just need a bit of encouragement and the know-how.  That is why this blog was started, to help people realize that they too, can visit beautiful places while on a budget.  The two of us are young professionals, we both work full time and only travel during our days off, or over long weekends.  We would love to just quit our jobs and travel full time, but with family and other obligations, this isn’t realistic for us, so we spend our days off wisely to visit new places as much as we can.

As our time to travel is limited, our goal is to focus on the most beautiful places.  We do all the research and visit those places, then let you know what is worth seeing and what is not.

The tips you find here is aimed towards the casual travelers.  Our goal is to present tips that anyone (or almost anyone…) can do. In travel, there are many techniques that can be done, but some are more difficult and typically harder to follow unless you really invest a lot of time in it.  Our goal is to show you things that is simple enough that anyone can do, but at the same time useful to help make things easier.

We would be glad to answer any questions or help, feel free to comment in the posts and we will do our best to share what we know.  If you like what you see, please share the blog with your friends 🙂

All photos on this blog is taken by us.  If you would like full size versions or usage information, please contact us at yolocouple1 at gmail.com

Thank you for reading!


Hieu & Tam

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