Flight Booking Tutorials

Flight Booking Guide – Using Google Flights and Tracking Deals (14 minutes)

This is a basic tutorial showing you how to use Google Flights, along with knowing how to choose which airline you should take.  It also show you a few sites that you should bookmark to keep an eye for cheap fare deals.  Techniques shown in the video is basic.  More advanced booking techniques will be shown in a later video.

One of the best way to look for cheap flights has to be Google Flights.  Google flights is one of the fastest flight search engine out there, and that is where I always start my search.  For advanced booking techniques, I will cover them at a later time.  For now, Google Flights can get you the flights you want most of the time.

For deals on airfare, my two favorite sites are.

The Flight Deals – http://www.theflightdeal.com/

Secret Flying – http://www.secretflying.com/usa-deals/

This is not your typical site that lists hundreds of “deals” like the ones you see from Kayak or Priceline.  Rather, the deal listed on these sites are guaranteed to be good, and they only post a few deals a day.  I have these two sites bookmarked and usually check them daily.

How to look for flights on Google

First go to flights.google.com

In the two boxes highlighted, put in your origin and where you are traveling to.  For example, you can put in Washington, and it automatically pop up airports that are nearby the city.  For larger cities, it will usually have an (all airports) selection, choose this to search from all the airports in that city, which will give you more results.

Put in your destination in the second box.

Google flight1

The next two boxes allow you to put the date of when you would like to travel.  Typically, I don’t put anything here.  Rather you can click on it and it will pop up a calendar of all the available dates and the prices for that date.  This is Google Flight’s best feature.

Look at the calendar, see what starting date is best/cheapest for you, then choose it.  The second selection will be to select the return date.  The price at this point will update/change depending on the date you have chosen.  You can also change the number of days you want your trip to be at the bottom.  This calendar view allow you to see a rough idea of how much the cheapest flight costs depending on the month it is.

Note that the prices shown in the calendar are for the CHEAPEST flight on that day.  The cheapest flight might not be one that you want, or have too many stopovers.  Once you have selected the dates you want, below the calendar is the actual flights you can choose.

Google flight2

Once you have found the price you like, you can select those flights, and google will provide a link to book those flights.


You can filter the flights shown to have only a certain number of stops, or non-stop.  You can also filter which airline you want to display or not display.  This is useful for say, you want only non-stop flights, or you want the result to display all flights except those from Spirit Airline.

Google flight3

Another useful trick is clicking on the + button next to the city name.  It allows you to add or remove airports that are near the city you have chosen.  For example, you can un-check the “Baltimore Washington Int” airport if you don’t want to see results from that airport.

Google flight4

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